We Say Goodbye To Youre The Man Now Dog

You're The Man Now Dog (YTMND), once a leader in the meme creation phase, has been grandfathered. The moderators at YTMND.com allowed site users to upload a photo or a JPEG file and combine it in conjunction with an audio recording to get fun outcomes. Traffic to the website, however, reduced many years ago with the dominance of new channels.

Sometime in 2016, the site father Max Goldberg said YTMND will most likely close soon due to decreased site popularity and poor health. "It seems like the internet has moved on," Mr Goldberg himself said to Gizmodo.

It began in 2001 when he first teamed repeating audio clip of Sean Connery whispering the line, "You're the man now, dog!", combined with a picture & also the words and placed it all on his site, ytmnd.com.


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